3 Secrets of Successful Facebook Ads

When people first began using Facebook to build brand awareness and increase sales for their business, the social media channel was an open field. Having a business page and with content that was published regularly was really all that was needed to see sales conversions rise substantially.

Unfortunately, that has all changed dramatically over the last several years.

It is now almost impossible to get new leads through Facebook without paying for them with Facebook ads. It’s a pay-to-play game out there that requires a savvy business owner who is willing to keep up with the latest changes in Facebook ads.

In marketing everything ultimately comes back to how good your copy is, and Facebook ads are no different. Regardless of what type of ad you choose to run, the copy you write must speak directly to your ideal customer and make them want to listen to you. To do this effectively you have to know exactly who you are targeting and what you want them to do.

Start with the headline. Don’t fill it with a boring list of features or blatant marketing jargon. Instead, make it conversational and interesting. When developing your ad, the field that is listed as the headline is essentially the first sentence that will be displayed above the image; it needs to be as good as the first line in your favorite novel if you want people to keep reading instead of scrolling past.

Finally, use the description field to combat any anticipated objections. This text will be prominently displayed beneath the image and is easily visible without the viewer clicking to read more. If viewers learn that your offer is completely free or has a money-back guarantee as they are scrolling past, you may get them to stop and reconsider.

Keep in mind that the copy you write will likely need to be changed for different audience segments even if the offer is the same. Additionally, it’s important to try out different combinations and test them to find out which is most effective.

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